PARK JUN BEAUTY LAB was established by Mr. Park Jun in 1981 in South Korea. A maestro, guru, one of the greatest stylists of global renown, Mr. Park Jun, set before himself a goal - to create beauty through an individual attention. Nowadays there are more than 100 beauty salons in South Korea, as well as 14 salons in major cities of the United States and Southeast Asia.

What are the main features of the brand and what turns it to an outstanding project in the world market?

Let check the history of the brand.

In 1981 the first beauty salon was opened, which was named in honor of Mr. Park Jun, a professional stylist, but even in the late 80's the first beauty laboratory was set up in the most prestigious area of Seoul - Gangnam. In the 90’s, the company expanded its salons chain all over the world, taking into account the individual needs of the country, while the South Korean operator maintains its principles and innovative solutions.

In the 2000s, the company entered a new era. PARK JUN BEAUTY LAB was registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest chain - franchise in the beauty industry. The masters of the Laboratory took part in the large-scale beauty and fashion shows and placed high. In 2004-2010, the company was awarded by the state in the categories "The Client's Choice", "The Best Management among franchises," "The Best Korean operator of the beauty industry", "The best brand".

PARK JUN BEAUTY LAB has become popular not only among the fashion-mongers, but also it get closer to the people, participated in social projects as a volunteer, helping to instill a sense of kindness, love and compassion in the society.

In 2012, the company started to work with children and young people, working in 35 colleges and academies of beauty in the country and opens its beauty salon in military. In addition, the Children's beauty salon was opened in the Kid's Theme Park.

Nowadays designers and stylists of the Laboratory service the biggest cities of the USA and Southeast Asia, including high fashion weeks, filming, festivals, concerts, beauty contests and many other events. Mr. Park Jun and his beauty team make seminars and trainings all over the world, sharing the creative experience with their colleagues.

The company operates according to the principle - to create the favorable conditions for beauty masters, giving them an opportunity for creative and personal development. Therefore, the heart of the PARKJUN BEAUTY LAB mission is happiness - "Happy employees create happy customers".


Currently a South Korean franchise is actively being implemented to the Kazakhstan market, on the competitive basis there is a recruitment of hair stylists who will be selected and trained by the leading designer-stylist, a lecturer in the beauty industry, Mr. Kim Jin Youp. He is among the five best stylist of “TEAM ART” according to the results of PARKJUN BEAUTY LAB in Seoul in 2015. Moreover, Kazakhstan is the first country (among CIS countries) which will represent the brand.

At the present time a salon is under construction in the luxury mall in Almaty - Esentai Mall. According to the requirements of the franchise, the salon shall be equipped with "know-how" technologies, equipment and materials, imported from South Korea and adapted to the local customer. Many services of the Laboratory will be absolutely new and extravagant phenomenon for Kazakhstan people and capital guests. In addition to the standard salon services you will find an individual approach to every client with taking into account the features of appearance, hair structure, skin color and etc. Multichannel integration with a digital system.